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C. Inez Anders

Assistant Director, Tutoring
2263 Dutton Hall

Nick Cumpian

Tutor Specialist
2264 Dutton Hall

As a Student Academic Success Center tutor you play a vital role in helping UC Davis students achieve their academic goals. Because of your involvement in their learning process, UC Davis students are better equipped to meet the educational objectives of the university. Thank you for the important role you play in student success.

What's Next, New Tutor?

New Tutor Informational Video
new tutor information

Welcome to the team, new tutor! Check out the resources below to help prepare yourself to be the best tutor you can be.

SASC Tutoring Availability Card (pdf)


Please be sure to report all tutee absences via the form linked below.

Tutor Absences
Tutee Absence Form
Reschedule Request Form

Tutee Absences

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Tutor Absences and Rescheduling Appointments

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tutor policies

Not sure when the ten-minute rule applies? Wondering how to interact with tutees? Check out the resources below for all your tutor policy questions!

SASC Tutor Handbook
Tutor Code of Ethics

Interacting with Tutees

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Ten Minute Rule

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Reader Wage: $15.00

Tutor Wage: $15.11


Timesheets are due no later than 2pm on the last friday of each pay period. See below for more tips and tricks for timesheets and payroll policies

Payroll Policy Manual
Sample Completed Tutor Timesheet

Timesheet Information

Timesheet Informational Video


Pay Days are every other Wednesday or 12 days after the end of the pay period. If you receive a paper check it can be picked up after 11:00 am in 2205 Dutton Hall on pay days. 

2205 Dutton Hours: Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm. 

Find out how to sign up for direct deposit by clicking here

types of tutoring

Individual Tutoring

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We offer both individual and drop-in tutoring. For more information on what each of these entail, take a look at the resources below.

Drop-In and Resident Hall Tutoring

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