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The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) employs 200 -250 tutors each quarter to provide academic assistance to UC Davis undergraduate students. Tutors receive paid training to learn teaching strategies that support student success and promote independent learning. Tutors can be assigned to work with students individually or in groups through any number of tutoring services.

Successful tutors are familiar with their subject material, take the time to prepare for tutoring and practice tutoring techniques that create an interactive learning environment. Successful tutoring strategies include teaching by asking questions, the use of positive reinforcement, and the use of feedback to determine student subject understanding. 

If you are interested in helping others be as successful as you are, consider applying for a tutoring position. The rewards are great for both you and the students! Please click here to fill out our online application form.

Position Requirements

  1. Competion of the UC Davis course you wish to tutor with at least a 3.0 GPA. The course must have been completed within a year of applying for a tutor position.
  2. Have an overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and maintain this GPA during employment.
  3. Complete a mock tutoring session as part of the interview process. 
  4. Writing Tutors are required to compelte a writing competency exam.
  5. Attend tutor training. 

Please note that this position is covered by the collective bargaining agreement between the University of California (UC) and the Association of Graduate Student Employees/United Automobile Workers (AGSE/UAW) Local 2865. An electronic copy of the UC and AGSE/UAW collective bargaining agreement can be accessed at the University of California Collective Bargaining Agreements website