Academic Assistance and Tutoring (AAT) provides an inclusive and interactive environment where students participate to reinforce and retain knowledge in multi-disciplinary writing, math and science through workshops, individual sessions, drop-in tutoring, online resources, and supplementary courses provided by both professional staff and peer tutors. We strive to support students in developing the academic competence and confidence that will help them succeed at UC Davis.

Students Say Great Things "About Us"

  • "My instructor explained clearly how to stay on my topic of the essay. She also showed me how to structure my essay in a more effective way. She also explained about grammar and punctuation that I was not aware of." - student comment
  • "You are one of the few teachers at UC Davis who made a huge difference in my academic career. Physics 7 series was not as painful as I thought. Because of you, in fact I started to enjoy the concepts. Thank you for providing me the motivation to continue striving to learn and for spending so much time and energy making sure that your students understood the material. I felt that after being taught by you, my problem-solving skills enhanced, and I am able it think more logically. Additionally, thank you for always being kind, patient, and polite to all of the students you teach. I hope you continue teaching and continue to enlightened other students!" - thank you letter from a student to AAT Specialist
  • "Being an international student, I wasn't sure how I would fit in at UCD. I thought I might be judged or bullied. But after the class on UCD Community Principles, I feel more confident and at home here. The fact that everyone is respected for who they are and are not discriminated makes me feel really good I go here." - student comment