About Advising and Retention Services

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Mission Statement

Advising and Retention Services initiates and designs programs and services to foster student development and success during the undergraduate years and beyond. 

Through partnerships with campus and community resources, ARS utilizes a three-pronged approach in implementing its programs and services:

  • We address the unique needs of students by building strong relationships and affirming their strengths and experiences.
  • Second, we help students connect to supportive communities and critical resources.
  • Third, we empower students to take ownership of their path and direction.

Guiding Principles

Advising and Retention Services adopts the following principles:

  • In providing programs and services, we respect the identity, and experiences of each student.
  • We provide a warm and welcoming environment to students receiving services and in making personalized referrals to other campus and community resources.
  • We encourage self-efficacy and student responsibility for their educational experience.
  • We build our services and programs based on research and best practices in the field.
  • We serve as advocates for positive, systemic change throughout our programs and at the university.