Subject-Specific Workshops

Spring Schedules

Scroll down for Spring 2017 workshop schedules for Chem, Math, Physics, and Stats.

Workshops are structured as a mix of informal lecture and problem practice to review and reinforce the content of the course at about the same pace as your class. While the Specialists wont go over specific homework problems, they will provide you the opportunity to practice solving problems similar to what you will encounter on homework and exams. All workshops are offered free to registered UC Davis students. There is no need to sign up for workshops. Just show up. Although you don't need to attend every session, we recommend putting it into your schedule to come regularly.

Chemistry Winter Workshops

See Specialist websites for review materials and daily schedule of topics. Edna's website | Brandon's smartsite

Math and Statistics Winter Workshops

Physics Winter Workshops

Writing Winter Workshops

Spring Schedules

Chemistry Spring 2017

Math and Stats Spring 2017

Physics Spring 2017