List of First-Year Aggie Connections

Fall 2017 Connections Coming Soon

Your transition to life as a UC Davis student might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s an easy way to connect with other first-year students and peer mentors. It’s called First-Year Aggie Connections (FYAC), and it’s just for you! Each Connection has a limit of 25 students, so don't forget to register for a First-Year Aggie Connection. Registraton details will be available in early June. 

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Active Aggies: Sports and Exercise at UC Davis - Open to all new students

Come join a group of new students exploring ways to stay physically active and fit at UC Davis. Each week we’ll tackle (not literally) a different sport or activity venue on campus. We’ll visit the ARC, explore the bike and running trails on and around campus, spend some of our meetings actually playing sports and attend a UCD basketball game, all while making connections and creating community with fellow UC Davis students. Because this connection is about students first, members will all have a say in the kinds of activities we pursue and anyone is welcome. Physical wellbeing is crucial to your overall success at UC Davis, so come join other active aggies as we hit the campus!

Aggie 101 - Open to all new students

Aggie 101: Joining the Aggie Community

Description: What does it mean to be a UC Davis Student, to live in Davis, California, and to be an active member in the Aggie community? Join a group of peers in finding your place within the UC Davis community and find support as you embark on your journey through this large research university. Learn how to engage in the campus social and cultural community and identify key resources to utilize on your path to graduation. This small cohort will give you the chance to engage with an upper class peer mentor and UC Davis staff to help you navigate your first year. As a result of participation in this Connection, students will plan a service project as a way of connecting with the Davis community at large.

Aggie Adventures - Open to all new students

Connect with the great outdoors, on campus! Learn more about how outdoor spaces and educational opportunities can benefit you as a student. Connect with other students who share your passion for the outdoors as you start your UC Davis adventure.

Aggie DIY - Open to all new students

Join other Aggies and put your creativity into practice! We will spend each week talking about life as an Aggie, building support and having fun while completing some crafty projects. Come share your talents, learn new ones and also take a tour the UC Davis Craft Center. No experience necessary!

Casa Cuahutemoc Living Learning Community

Description: This is a seminar to connect and inform Casista students about campus  resources and activities. Students will be introduced to supportive Chicana/o and Latina/o staff and faculty from different departments and centers. Students will learn about adjusting to UC Davis and learning how to study at a UC campus. Students will be provided with counseling support and be introduced to CAN counselor.

*This Connection is for students living in the Casa Cuahutemoc Living Learning Community only. For more information, visit:

College of Biological Sciences: The Cohort Program

The College of Biological Science's Cohort Program is an opportunity for first-year students to develop community and orient themselves within the College of Biological Sciences as soon as they arrive at UC Davis. The program aims to allow students the opportunity to engage more closely with faculty; to introduce the students to the full range of research and majors in CBS; to create a greater sense of community and place for students within the college; and to encourage students to use the advising resources within and outside the college.

 This Connection is for students who enrolled in the Cohort Program only, for more information visit:

Creative Writing - Open to all new students

The Creative Writing Connection is open to anyone interested in the creative writing process (including fiction, poetry/spoken word, and non-fiction). Join this community for weekly sessions to keep you inspired with relaxed free-writes and a safe place to workshop your drafts. In addition to practicing and refining your work, you'll be connected with writing resources on campus and in the local community.

First to College: Advice on the transition to college from first-generation students

First in the family to head off to college? You are not alone. This interactive series of discussions, dialogues, and panels is designed for incoming first-generation students (freshmen or transfer) to get real-life advice from current first-generation students navigating their way through the system here at UC Davis. In this Connection students will get advice on how to face hurdles of the culture shock, work through the homesick period, tips for making wise academic choices, developing your new identity, and making lasting relationships.

Folk Dance and Folk Music of the Great Isles - Open to all new students

This Aggie Connection will focus on the historical dance and music styles of the British Isles, especially English country dancing and the music accompanying it, meeting Thursday evenings (and optionally some Saturdays) to learn dances. Other music and dance styles from the region (such as Irish ceili set dances, Morris stick dances, and assorted folk songs) will be discussed, and visited if there is interest. All levels of dancers and musicians are welcome, from beginner to expert.

Future Grad Students - Open to all new students

The Future Grad Students Connection addresses how students can best prepare for and apply to graduate school, and will explore and discuss relevant campus resources. Open to students of all disciplines interested in a Master's or Ph.D.

Get Your (Board) Game On! - Open to all new students

Ready for this new step in the Game of Life? This connection is for anyone who has a love for table top games (card games, board games, and more!) Along with playing some favorite and classic games, we also will have group discussions about important topics to get you settled at Davis. Worried life might become a teetering Jenga tower? We’ll discuss health, wellness, and academic success skills. Don’t want to “Draw 2” more years in college? We’ll cover academic advising resources too. We want to help you navigate the Chutes and Ladders of UC Davis, so join this connection and get your game on!

Health and Humanities - Open to all new students

In conjunction with the First-Year Aggie Connections program, this two unit P/NP seminar is designed to teach first year students strategies to navigate our large research university while also pursuing a health profession. Students will learn from the Director of Health Professions Advising and guest speakers. In addition, each student will be assigned to a peer mentor. This course will provide information on navigating the pre-health track, finding resources on campus, time management and stress management skills and more. In addition to lecture and panels, students will read and discuss a book relevant to their field of interest.

How to Adult - Open to all new students

This Connection was inspired by the facilitator’s experience right out of college, when ‘how to adult’ became a constant question. Whether learning to cook or buying her first car, she found that adulting is a skill set of itself. In this Connection, the facilitator hopes to cover material that she wishes she had been taught, such as introductions to handling money, looking for housing in Davis, as well as skills for living away from home for the first time, health & wellness, job searching, and more.

LEADR Transfer Students

This is a time for transfer students in the College of Engineering, who are EOP or first generation students, to meet to build community, to seek support and to learn more about resources offered by the University.

This Connection is for LEADR students only. For information about the program, please visit

Liberating the Liberal Arts - Open to all new students

This seminar is open to all incoming students. The Monday meeting will focus on the meanings and the value of a Liberal Arts education to their lives as students and their future career paths. Exciting and engaging faculty presentations, performances, and demonstrations will be featured on these days. Discussions on Wednesday, ­led by professional advising staff, ­are designed to provide students with information to help them more successfully navigate the university, gain a better sense of which major(s) they might wish to pursue, and provide opportunities for small group social interaction and community building activities with Peer Mentors.

Major Key to Success- Open to all new students

Students in this Connection will learn from recent Aggie Alum how to make the most of their UC Davis experience, in order to graduate prepared for entering a career, graduate program, or professional school. Through workshops on resume and cover letter writing, presentation and interview skills, and professionalism, students will leave this connection ready to apply for internships and jobs. Meetings will be held in a fun, collaborative format, involving the active participation of students with both teachers and guest speakers.

Middle Eastern and South Asian (ME/SA) Living Learning Community

This seminar supports students in the Middle Eastern and South Asian Living Learning Community by informing them about various campus resources. Students will connect with faculty, staff, and students who can support their transition to the UC Davis community.

Mind on My Money: Financial Literacy and Planning for the Future

If you have heard the cliché, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan” but have no idea where to start thinking about and working on your financial future, this is the Aggie Connection for you. Find out about creating a budget, setting priorities, dealing with credit, planning for retirement, managing college debt and more.

New to California: A Connection for "National" Students

For "national students" (non-Californian US students), there are lots of changes that come along with moving to a new state to attend college. California is unique in a lot of ways. The "New to California" Connection will bring together new UCD national students. We will focus on the pros and cons of moving across the country, we will discuss how to build community among national students, and we will talk about how life is different living in California.

Pinay Strong - Open to all new students

The Filipina identity is beautiful. We are Pinay Strong. Students who identify as Filipina/Filipina American are invited to join this Connection to meet fellow students on campus, and learn more about our shared experiences and identities.

Social Justice Advocates - Open to all new students

Social Justice Advocates is a Connection for new students interested in Social Justice advocacy. UC Davis has multiple opportunities for student activism and the Social Justice Advocates Connection will center the various themes through a social justice lens.

Sustainability the Aggie Way - Open to all new students

Description: Sustainability the Aggie Way: Learn to live and think effectively and efficiently by integrating sustainability into your college experience. Learn about UC Davis’ sustainable practices, sustainable food systems, plus tips and tricks to incorporate sustainability into your everyday life that will help you ace your first year on campus!

West Coast Parks, Best Coast Parks - Open to all new students

This Connection will focus on the National Parks of the West Coast. Students will have the opportunity to prepare small presentations of a park of their choosing. We will look at their history, ecology, and attractions. Related hobbies may also be incorporated, such as hiking. Potential for a field trip.