Become a FYAC Facilitator

  • FYAC health and humanities Connection in lab coats
  • FYAC TRiO Connection in the Arboretum
  • FYAC students at the UC Davis medical education building
  • FYAC in an EDU 98 seminar
  • FYAC students visiting the UC Davis Fire Department
  • FYAC students in front of Kemper Hall engineering building
  • FYAC Connection meeting in the Arboretum
  • FYAC Connection making stress balls
  • FYAC health and humanities Connection at Social Sciences and Humanities building
  • Group of FYAC students

Become a FYAC facilator

We are currently accepting facilitator proposals for Fall 2017!

Submit online using our Facilitator Proposal Form.

First-Year Aggie Connections (FYAC) facilitators are matched with a group of around 25 first-year students in a “Connection.” All Connections are different—some are associated with for-credit seminars, others are affiliated with on-campus groups and others are based on a common academic or co-curricular interest.

As a facilitator you:

  • Oversee Connections made up of around 25 students that share a common interest for one academic quarter
  • Communicate FYAC purpose and goals to students
  • Serve as an immediate connection with university faculty/staff for students
  • Commit to facilitating a minimum of 6 sessions during the quarter with your Connection (unless you are instructing a for-credit seminar requiring more meeting times)
  • Have the option of having a peer mentor assigned to your Connection to provide support to students within the Connection, plan activities and determine programming

Facilitators are:

  • UC Davis faculty, staff, or graduate students
  • Higher education professionals who are knowledgeable about campus resources and passionate about connecting with student

Why be a facilitator?

  • Play a role in first-year student success
  • Stay connected to current student needs and campus climate
  • Help create a network of mentors on campus for first-year students
  • Attend FYAC networking events
  • Forge deeper relationships with undergraduate students

How can I become a facilitator?