Join a First-Year Aggie Connection

  • FYAC health and humanities Connection in lab coats
  • FYAC TRiO Connection in the Arboretum
  • FYAC students at the UC Davis medical education building
  • FYAC in an EDU 98 seminar
  • FYAC students visiting the UC Davis Fire Department
  • FYAC students in front of Kemper Hall engineering building
  • FYAC Connection meeting in the Arboretum
  • FYAC Connection making stress balls
  • FYAC health and humanities Connection at Social Sciences and Humanities building
  • Group of FYAC students


“My favorite part of Aggie Connections was being a part of a community of diverse students who have similar worries about transitioning to Davis—and making big life decisions—as I did. The assessments were helpful in letting us explore who we are and what is important to us, but the greatest value was getting to know we’re not alone!”
- Emma, 2015 FYAC Participant

“My first quarter at UC Davis would have been a completely different story without the support of my Connection because the support and resources have benefited me a lot.”
– Luis, 2015 FYAC Participant

Welcome to UC Davis! All incoming first-year freshman and transfer students, including international students, will have the opportunity to participate in the First-Year Aggie Connections (FYAC) program. Participating in a Connection (a group of around 25 students with a common interest or theme) provides students the opportunity to have an immediate, small support network among a large student body. Each Connection has a staff or faculty facilitator along with a peer mentor who helps first-year students transition to UC Davis campus culture.

Each Connection is different --- some are associated with for-credit seminars, others are affiliated with on-campus groups, and others are based on a common academic or co-curricular interest. Take a look at our Connections listing page to see a sampling of the types of programs that participate.

Although each Connection is different, all have around 25 students, meet regularly during fall quarter, present a specific curriculum and participate in FYAC social activities.

Why you should join a Connection?

  • To meet people! You are immediately surrounded by a group of other first-years with whom you share something in common. You also have the unique opportunity to forge a relationship with a UC Davis staff/faculty member from day one.
  • To figure out the lay of the land. UC Davis is a large research university. There are so many opportunities and resources that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Each Connection focuses on how to transition to campus life and make the most of all UC Davis has to offer.
  • To get involved. Connections will participate in a number of campus activities, including a large fall social. This is a great way to network and bond with new friends.

How do I join a Connection?

  • Connections are offered during the fall, winter, and spring quarters
  • You will have the opportunity to register for a Connection during registration Pass Times
  • Check out our Connection listings page to choose a Connection and to register
  • Once you’ve registered, you will meet your Connection during the first week of the quarter!