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Annual Events

Annual Events

Intern/Volunteer with EOP

Students interested in getting involved with EOP and gaining experience in marketing and programming are encouraged to join the EOP Street Team. The Street Team Internship is a 40-hour commitment each quarter, Fall-Spring. The internship provides leadership experience to 5-7 first-year student interns in the areas of marketing and programming.

Work for EOP

Students interested in working for EOP can apply to be a Peer Advising Counselor (PAC). The PAC team provides support to first-generation, low-income students through academic and personal advising. The PAC team also creates programming that maximizes students’ educational experiences and helps them achieve their educational goals. Applications are available the first week of Winter quarter for the following academic year.

1st of Many Campaign

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#1stofMany is an educational advocacy initiative coordinated by the Educational Opportunity Program. The program boosts awareness of the first-generation student population and their accomplishments. For additional information contact Julie D. Agosto.

EOP Cohort

The EOP Cohort is a four-year program designed to support the retention of first-generation, low-income students through activities that promote community building, identity development, civic engagement and mobilizing agency. EOP students interested in the cohort can apply fall quarter of their freshman year.  

1st Gen to Graduate

EOP recognizes that the transition from college can be just as daunting as the transition into college. First Gen to Graduate is a workshop series aimed at EOP seniors. The workshops promote the lifelong success of EOP seniors by fostering professional skill development, while exploring post-graduate life as a first-generation student.  

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Apply for EOP

  • Current undergraduate students interested in applying for EOP can do so by completing the EOP appeal form. A representative will get back to you within 7-10 business days.

  • EOP eligibility is determined by the applicant's family size, household income and parents' educational levels

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