Guardian Scholars Program (GSP)

Why We're Here

Across the nation, approximately 400,000 children are temporarily placed in foster care because their families are unable to care for them. Over 60,000 live in California. Though 70 percent of foster youth express an interest in college, only 50 percent graduate from high school, only 20 percent enroll in college, and only 3 percent graduate from college.

Youth formerly in foster care face many challenges that impede their opportunities for higher education. For foster youth who make it to post secondary education, the challenges are often insurmountable without the intervention of caring campus professionals who serve as coaches and mentors.


The Guardian Scholars Program is committed to improving the educational outcomes for foster youth and former foster youth by providing services and support to meet their needs through transition, graduation, and post-graduate planning. We strive to maximize educational opportunities and university experiences through our comprehensive programs and holistic advising to help students achieve their academic and personal goals. 

Are you a UC Davis GSP Alum?

Now that we are in our 10th year of the Guardian Scholars Program, we want to get updates from our GSP Alums.  If you are a GSP Alum or were in foster care and attended UC Davis prior to the start of the Guardian Scholars Program, you are encouraged to complete this survey:  Guardian Scholars Alumni

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Contact Info

Valeri Garcia

Guardian Scholars Program Coordinator

Office: 107 South Hall


Phone: 530-752-1211