Past Research Projects


Student Project Title Faculty Mentor
Adriana Lopez Torres Zero Tolerance Policies and School-to-Prison Pipeline: Exploring Alternatives to Exclusionary Policies Dr. Gloria Rodriguez

School of Education

Alejandro Jose Espinoza Good Intentions or Legal Violence Dr. Susy Zepeda

Chicana and Chicano Studies

Alex Oloo Prosperous Churches in Kenya: Charismatic or Politics Dr. Milmon F. Harrison

African American Studies

Angelica Carranza Parent and Child Emotion Conversations Dr. Paul Hastings

Center for Mind and Brain

Aubreanna Zachary STEM. Women, minorities and the media. A review of children's television shows Dr. Janette Ruiz


Carolina Ramirez Alanis Investigation of Vitamin E Catabolism in Horses with Neuroaxonal Dystrophy Dr. Carrie Finno

Veterinary Medicine

Christian Preciado A Habituative Approach to Diminish Cybersickness Dr. Arne Ekstrom

Center for Neuroscience Research

Deion Santander Analysis of the Stimuli and Physiological Role of Delta Cells in Physiology Dr. Mark Huising

Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior

Eileen Lu A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study on the Efficacy of Allopregnanolone in Improving the Corpus Callosum Microstructure of Carriers of Fragile X Premutation Dr. Susan Rivera

Center for Mind and Brain

Hector Guzman-Arechiga De La Tierra Vivo, Porque Mi Va Comer (I Live Off The Earth, Because It Will Eat Me) Dr. Liza Grandia

Native American Studies

J. Elizabeth Quino Healthcare Access in Rural Communities Dr. Yvette FloresDr. Lisceth Cruz

Chicana and Chicano Studies

Jessica Orozco Redlining: The Effects on Educational Attainment Within Los Angeles Dr. Gloria M. Rodriguez

School of Education

Karimi Ndwiga Dangerous African Migrations Dr. Adewale N Adebanwi

African American and African Studies

Leslie Do Precariously Positioned: Asian American Women Students Negotiating Power in Academic Wonderland Dr. Caroline Kieu Linh Valverde

Asian American Studies

Madelena Pabon Factors Related to Retention in a Longitudinal Study of Infants at Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder Dr. Sally Ozonoff

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Mayra Pelagio Habitat as a Dictator of California Red-legged Frog and American Bullfrog Coexistence in the Santa Lucia Preserve Dr. Sharon Lawler

Rachel Anderson

Entomology and Nematology

Megan West Charlotte Bronte and the Politics of Feeling Dr. Kathleen Frederickson


Natalie Villalobos Gomez Impediments to Academic Success and Well Being of UC Davis Graduate Students Dr. Natalia Deeb Sossa

Chicana and Chicano Studies

Rigo Nava Humanizando la Deportación (Humanizing Deportation)

Dr. Robert Irwin

Spanish and Portuguese

Sophie Ellerby Undoing Abjection: An Ethnography of Ecology House Dr. Timothy K Choy

Science and Technology Studies

Viviana Aguilar Hispanic Creators in the World of YouTube Dr. Martin Kenney

Human Ecology

Yijuan (Helen) Qiu Understanding Academic Advising Dr. Bo Feng



Student Project Title Faculty Mentor
Alexis Caligiuri Snowden/Doctorow: Alternate Realities of the Surveillance State Colin Milburn
Ambar Hernandez Race Neutral Policy in Higher Education: Graduate Funding For Undocumented Students Gloria Rodriguez
Amy Bosworth Religious Speech in Presidential Rhetoric Wendy Terry
Amy Hanak Fitchers Bird: The Civilizing and the Subversion of the Fairy Tale Heroine Alessa Johns
Ana Maciel The Power of Belonging: Testimonios of Undocumented Xicanx, Chicanas and Latinas at UC Davis Susy Zepeda
Carol Garcia Storytelling the Bracero Program Marisol de la Cadena
Cassandra Gingerich Survey of dog and cat food labels for compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) labeling guidelines Andrea Fascetti
Connie Chen CCR5-expressing CHO cells for an HIV elimination strategy Dennis Hartigan-Oconnor
Cristian Molina Cornejo Energy Affordability in the United States Bagher Modjtahedi
Cristina Vazquez Women's Vulnerability in Central American Circular Migration Robert Irwin
Flor Calderon Using non-invasive genetic sampling to determine population structure in black-tailed deer populations Ben Sacks and Zachary Lounsberry
Jazmin Garcia Psychoanalysis and Literary Criticism Matthew Stratton
Jelleny Altamirano Microfinance institutions: What factors lead to success? Janine Wilson
Jimmy Ojeda Built in Burnout Jacob Hibel
Johana Mendoza Addressing Culturally Competent Treatment: Testing the Social Validity of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Nolan Zane
Maria Salazar-Ureno Spirit Warriors: Autonomy, Survival, and Resistance of Revolutionary Women through Creativity Ines Hernandez-Avila
Nicholas Sanchez Effects of Prop 209 and SP-1 and SP-2 in the UC System Lorena Marquez
Paige Balibrera California Paganism Wendy Terry
Rebecca Mata Effect of Gender Bias on Language Comprehension   Matthew Traxler
Sarah Pollock Small Cues Make a Big Difference: Strategic Email Communication in Professional Contexts. Bo Feng
Sin Mei Ma Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation Nipavan Chiamvimonvat
Zion Ariana Mengesha Language Attitudes in California Public Schools: Gendered Language Attitudes toward African American English Robert Bayley