Success Stories

STEP Alums


Reflections from STEP Alumni

"Being a first-generation college student and coming to UC Davis, I was full of anxiety, fear, and culture shock. I can honestly say if it were not for the STEP program, I wouldn't have graduated from UC Davis." —STEP 1987

"STEP helped me prepare for the college experience by familiarizing me with the campus and the resources available to me. The friendships I established during STEP continue through today." —STEP 1989

"I was prepared very well for my calculus, chem and physics classes, courses that tend to be the ones that weed people out of the major. Because of my participation in STEP, I was prepared for that challenge. I think if it wasn't for STEP I wouldn't have been so successful in school and I may have felt more isolated and lost." —STEP 2005

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Your myadmissions page will be the best starting resource for information about STEP. Once you've looked through the content there, you might also want to check out the EOP Students channel on YouTube.