Transitional Courses

Reentry Transition class (2 unit course offered in fall and winter)

Returning or beginning your academic career when you have generous life experience or after a significant gap in your education is both exciting and daunting. Every experience is new and it can take time to make the transition and adjust.  The goal of the Reentry Transition Course is to introduce or sharpen those study skills that all successful students need to succeed academically and to introduce students to the services and opportunities that will be most helpful to them while completing their degree. Through in-class activities and guest speakers will have the tools to manage the demands and challenges of the research university. 

Transfer Transition class (2 unit course offered in fall quarter)

Transfer students are some of the most motivated students on campus.  They arrive having managed to succeed in the classroom, hold down jobs, participate in extracurricular activities and still have personal life. Once at UC Davis those same management skills will continue to contribute to your success but they may need to be adjusted to the demands and challenges of the Research University. The goal of the Transfer Transition course is to exam more closely the challenges of transferring from a community college to UC Davis, including managing the quarter system, getting involved on campus and planning effectively for life after UC Davis.