Transitional Courses

Reentry Transition class (2 unit course offered in fall and winter)

Returning or beginning your academic career when you have generous life experience or after a significant gap in your education is both exciting and daunting. Every experience is new and it can take time to make the transition and adjust.  The goal of the Reentry Transition Course is to introduce or sharpen those study skills that all successful students need to succeed academically and to introduce students to the services and opportunities that will be most helpful to them while completing their degree. Through in-class activities and guest speakers will have the tools to manage the demands and challenges of the research university. 

"Don’t Be THAT Transfer Student"

Don’t Be THAT Transfer Student is intended for new transfer students who know what it means to be successful and don't want to be tripped up in their transition to UC Davis. This course is for students who want to maximize their time while at UC Davis, develop success strategies to achieve educational and career goals, and avoid being THAT transfer student who spends valuable time letting life happen to them instead of owning their education and future. Through lecture, discussion and group activities, students will develop skills to help ease the transition to UC Davis. The class will emphasize holistic approach to achieving academic success. Class objectives include teaching personal responsibility and college expectations, academic success skills, campus resources and the importance of developing a social network.

Meeting Time and Location: Wednesdays, 10:00-11:50 AM; 121 Olson Hall

This Connection is for 2 credits. To join, add this course on ScheduleBuilder during your registration time using CRN: 40677.