Ensuring that you’re registered for the right classes and succeeding academically is only one part of your UC Davis experience. In the Transfer and Reentry Center we understand that at some point you’ll want to explore campus opportunities or find yourself needing a bit of extra support. Whether you’re looking for career and internship options, looking for research opportunities, or need some extra help with crafting a well written essay for your English course, the Transfer Center staff prides themselves on knowing who the affiliated staff on campus and resources available are to assist you with transitioning and making UC Davis your home away from home.

Transfer and Reentry Peers


We know from experience that transfer and reentry students want to talk to students just like them and who have gone through similar experiences. The Transfer Reentry Center has a staff of Peer Advisers who are happy to speak with you, answer questions you might have and refer you to campus resources. Whether you have specific questions you need answered or just feel like sitting down to talk to another transfer student, drop by the Transfer Reentry Center and spend some time with one of our peers.  This year we are proud to have the following Peer Advisers as part of our staff.

  • Naomi Barcelo— Anthropology
  • Anna Chen— Psychology
  • Christine Gutierrez— International Relations
  • Alyssia Hogue— Economics