Annual Events

Transfer Fall Welcome

Hit the ground running by attending Transfer Fall Welcome.  This 2 hour event consists of guest speakers, a meet and greet with our Peer Advisers who work in the Transfer Reentry Center, and a raffle and a resource fair. This event is invaluable to new transfer and reentry students as it brings 20-25 campus resources to a central location to meet with students, introduce them to campus services, and let them know how they can be useful in adjusting to campus.

Reentry Orientation

This day long orientation occurs prior to the beginning of fall quarter and is specifically tailored to the questions, concerns and experiences that reentry students have. This specialized orientation attracts between 60-75 students and strives to present a realistic overview of the reentry experience at UC Davis, and provide the vital information and resources students need as they begin their academic career.  Topics typically covered include: the demands of the Research University; registration process and unit load; applying transferrable skills; and how to prepare for future career or educational career goals. 

Transfer Take-Off

One of the most asked questions transfer students have when they arrive at UC Davis is how to get the most out of their two years on campus and how to make their transfer experience meaningful. Launched in fall quarter 2016, Transfer Take-Off is a weeklong series of workshops that provide an opportunity for transfers to meet other transfers and get involved early in Aggie campus life. Students engage in fun activities while also learn from experienced transfers how they can manage and maximize their time on campus.  

Returning and Learning

Part of our Transfer Take-Off series, the Returning and Learning workshop addresses concerns about returning to school as a more mature and experienced student, strategic ways to utilize resources, recognizing and understanding transferable skills and how to achieve a healthy academic and life balance. In addition, Returning and Learning is an excellent opportunity for reentry students and student parents to meet and connect with each other and learn strategies to manage their educational experience at UC Davis.