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Transfer Students

Our transfer students come from a wide variety of community colleges and life experiences but the one thing they all have in common is having already completed their first two years of coursework and ready to begin work on the requirements for their major. The timetable for a Transfer student is 2-3 years so it is imperative that you ‘hit the ground running’ with the information you need to make your transition to UC Davis a success. The Transfer and Reentry Center is the one place on campus to help you make this transition as smooth and problem free as possible.

Three-pronged approach to success

The staff of the Transfer and Reentry Center knows that academic success is your priority and sets the foundation for your future educational and career goals. In order for you to achieve all your goals we’ve developed a three-pronged approach that addresses the important areas of your life while here at UC Davis: academic advising, support resources, and connecting students to social events and activities offered by the Transfer and Reentry Center and other campus partners through our workshops and seminars.

Reentry Students

If you are an undergraduate student 25 years or over, a graduate student 30 years or over, or a student parent, you are member of our reentry student population. Reentry students are a vital part of our UC Davis community and are a population that is growing each year. Our reentry students arrive on campus having had a variety of life experiences. Many reentry students are also parents and grandparents, had robust and successful careers, spent time in the military, owned their own businesses, or have traveled extensively. Their experiences are as interesting and varied as they are. The bond that ties this vibrant community together is their drive and determination to add to their experiences by earning an undergraduate degree here at UC Davis.

From academic advising to referrals to support services, all the services that are available to our transfer students are available to our reentry students. Several opportunities are available exclusively to reentry students and include the Bernard Osher Scholarship, and the Reentry Student Success Seminar.