UC Davis offers a wide variety of opportunities available to all students, including transfer students; however, transfer students have a limited amount of time to take advantage of all of these opportunities. Trying to figure out what opportunities are out there and where to find them can be overwhelming at times. Let the Transfer Center help. Not only are we well informed about the many opportunities available at UC Davis, we bring these opportunities and resources to you through the many workshops offered each quarter. Find the workshop that fits your need, bring a friend, and show up! It’s that easy. To see what is being offered this quarter please download our quarterly calendar by clicking on the thumbnail:

TRC Spring Quarter Calendar

Workshops Offered:

Hidden Resources

Did you know that UC Davis has its own student farm that supplies produce to the campus dining facilities? Ever want to work at a radio station? Or learn to ride a horse? You can take advantage of all of these opportunities. This workshop consolidates many of the resources found on campus that are available but not too well known.  (Offered fall quarter)

Graduate School 101

Have you thought about attending graduate school? Do you know what the application process looks like? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Master’s and PhD? This workshop is designed to provide you with the answers to those questions and any other general questions you might have about attending graduate school. (Offered every quarter)

Study Abroad Opportunities for Transfer Students

“Transfer students don’t travel abroad! There just isn’t enough time.” This is how many students think and feel. The reality is that with planning, transfer students do travel abroad…all the time! This workshop provides the information you may need to start your plan to participate in a study abroad program. (Offered fall and winter quarters)

Scholarships at UC Davis

Did you know that UC Davis has one general scholarship application? And that it is due in January? The Office of Undergraduate and Prestigious Scholarships offers resources and scholarship opportunities. This workshop will provide you with general information about the scholarship application process at UC Davis and introduce you to resources useful to help you find scholarships you may qualify for. (Offered fall quarter)

Writing for Scholarships

Writing about your self can be a very difficult task for many students and most scholarships you may qualify for will require a personal essay or statement. This workshop invites professional staff from the UC Davis Office of Undergraduate and Prestigious Scholarships to talk about strategies to help you with your personal statement so that you can maximize your opportunities to be awarded these scholarships. (Offered fall quarter)

Summer School at UC Davis

The Summer Sessions offered at UC Davis can be a great way to get ahead on your major and graduation requirements. The summer can also be used to make up for missteps you may have had in previous quarters. This workshop will inform you on the process for registering and attending summer school and the tuition and fees associated. (Offered spring quarter)

Internship Opportunities at UC Davis

Internships are a great way to get practical knowledge and experience about a chose career field. Internships can be paid, unpaid or for units. The Internship and Career Center (ICC) has a wealth of resources to help you find the right internship for you! This workshop introduces the ICC and provides the information necessary to start your internship search. (Offered fall and winter quarters)

How to Get Involved in Research

UC Davis is a research powerhouse with many opportunities. Every year thousands of undergraduate students participate in research done by professors or in their own projects. This workshop will inform you on the many opportunities available for undergraduate students. (Offered all quarters)