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Naomi Barceló

Naomi Barceló

I am a 4th year transfer student majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Religious Studies. I transferred from Sacramento City College in Sacramento, CA.

Campus Involvement: Life at Davis has been an exciting time for me. I have had the opportunity to be a student representative on planning committees and panel discussions.  My involvement with Prytanean Women’s Honor Society has not only provided a social outlet for me but an academically motivating support group.

Hobbies:  When not focusing on college life, I love to work with my hands restoring my 1931 Model A Ford or building projects.

Advice for transfer students: If I could pass on one bit of advice it would be “planning and scheduling is everything, think about the big picture but don’t forget it is the adventure that makes the journey”.        

Anna Chen

Anna Chen

I am a 2nd year transfer student majoring in Psychology with a Minor in Contemporary Leadership. I transferred from Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Campus involvement: I currently serve as the Fundraising Chair for Circle K International at UC Davis, a club that promotes service, fellowship, and leadership throughout the community. Circle K has been instrumental in finding a campus family. Beyond the obvious opportunities to volunteer and serve the community, I’ve cherished new friendships, discovered other clubs, developed personal skills, and grown in leadership. I’m also involved professionally as a member of Psi Chi, the international Psychology Honor Society, and as a research assistant at the Center for Mind and Brain.

Hobbies: I enjoy drawing and painting, running at the ARC, hiking (especially by trees), playing guitar, perusing bookstores, and eating at Thai Canteen. On any given day however, browsing reddit eats up most of my free time.

Advice for transfer students: For me, it was too easy to eschew socializing and dedicating time to clubs on campus in favor of focusing on academics, but the classes you take are only a part of the student equation. It is never too late to become involved, and once you do you’ll wish you’d started sooner! As a transfer student with limited time at UCD, every day on campus should be treasured. The sooner you can let go of fears stopping you from attending that club meeting, sending that important email, or finishing that job application, the happier you’ll be.

Christine Gutierrez

Christine Gutierrez

I am a 2nd year transfer student majoring in International Relations. I transferred from Bakersfield College in Bakersfield, CA.

Campus Involvement: Outside of working at the Transfer Reentry Center I enjoy attending various campus events. In addition I am also involved in the ASUCD Entertainment Council as a volunteer and work at the ASUCD Coffeehouse.

Hobbies: In my free time, I enjoy hiking and exploring the outdoors with friends. I also thoroughly like to run, read, and spend time with my family.

Advice for transfer students: Be yourself and enjoy your college experience. This time in our lives only happens once and we should all take advantage of the various resources and opportunities UC Davis has to offer. Most importantly, have fun and don't stress too much.

Alyssia Hogue

Alyssia Hogue

I am a 2nd year transfer student majoring in Economics with a minor in Education. I transferred from Los Angeles City College in Los Angeles, CA.

Campus Involvement: During my first year at UC Davis I realized the importance of getting involved on campus. I’m in the Economics and Business Association (EBSA) as a member of the fundraising committee. I did and internship with Students in VITA as an advanced tax preparer trained by the IRS to provide free tax preparation for low income members of the community. I like to attend events like the Aggie 5k and anything that’s happening when I don’t have classes.

Hobbies: I love to cook and feed people. I also really like to swim, do yoga and learn new things. I think that you can never have too many skills or too big of a network.

Advice for transfer students: There’s so much to do in Davis, it’s a small town but it’s full of ambitious future leaders and intelligent people, so make the most of the time you have here. GET INVOLVED, go out and meet everyone, do this by saying hello, smiling, going to events/info sessions and asking questions. Do this with your peers, your TAs, professors, advisors, random people…just explore this amazing campus and surround yourself with like-minded people. Never be afraid to ask questions, especially to me!