Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the TRiO Scholars Program?

TRiO Scholars is a federally funded program to improve the retention and graduation rates of first-generation and income-qualified students and students with disabilities at UC Davis. The TRiO Scholars Program is funded to serve 160 UC Davis undergraduate students.

How can I apply?

The TRiO Scholars Program is an invitation only program. Students that have participated in UC Davis pre-college programs such as Upward Bound, Talent Search, and the Early Academic Outreach Program are invited to apply. If you are a former TRiO or EAOP student and were not invited to apply, please contact us at to receive more information.

When can I apply?

Anytime, although, our normal application timeline begins in April of each year.

Do I have to be a US Citizen to be eligible for TRiO?

No. However, if you are not a US citizen then you must provide proof that you are eligible for federal student aid. Unfortunately, students not eligible for federal student aid are not eligible to participate in the program. 

What is the length of time I am with the TRiO Scholars Program?

Once you are accepted into the TRiO Scholars Program, you are considered to be a participant throughout your undergraduate college career (i.e. Freshman to graduation).

Can I participate in the Special Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP), while being a TRiO Scholars Participant?

Yes, you can. Most incoming TRiO Scholars participate in STEP, a three-week summer bridge program that continues into the academic year. For more information about STEP click here.

If I take a quarter off, do I need to reapply to be a TRiO Scholar?

If you decide to take a quarter off due to personal reasons or are dismissed, you do not need to reapply to be a TRiO Scholar. You will need to communicate with your TRiO peer advisor, however. Once a TRiO Scholar, always a TRiO scholar.


Academic Year

Can I make an appointment with my TRiO Program Advisor?


Advance appointments are encouraged to ensure you have the opportunity to ask the questions you have or get the help you need. Appointments can be made directly with the TRiO Advisor of your choice or through any of our TRiO staff members.



Drop-ins are welcome and usually accommodated, although, there is always the chance that someone else either dropped in before you or already had an appointment. If that is the case, we still want to see you, so make sure you look for any other available TRiO staff member or check in with the SASC front desk in 2205 Dutton Hall and let them know you are looking for some TRiO help.

Can I sign up for TRiO Individual Tutoring?

As long as your assigned TRiO Advisor or TRiO leadership has approved your TRiO Tutoring request, then you may request the Individual Tutor Form from 2205 Dutton Hall.

How do I get the CRNs for the Pre and Co classes?

EOP, TRiO and STEP students have access to the EOP Pre and Co classes offered by the Student Academic Success Center. To get a copy of the CRN page please see your TRiO Advisor.

Am I required to attend all TRiO events?

No. However, we do require that participants attend at least one TRiO event per academic year, and we encourage attendance at as many TRiO events as makes sense for participants.  

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