Success Stories

Dennis Robinson, Class of 2008

"The TRiO Scholars Program offered that extra shove that I needed when I felt like I was getting a little too comfortable with things, and they challenged me to go that extra mile. The staff are all great mentors that shaped my life in someway. And most of the time it was just because they were there to listen." 

Andy Dang, Class of 2008

"I am an appointee of the Governor of California, as the Planning and Program Specialist for the Council on Developmental Disabilities. The TRiO Scholars Program is a great mentoring program and scholastic community where students can have a safe environment and can experience and figure out their career paths and goals together. It's a home away from home where if I had a problem, I knew I could go to my adviser. I highly recommend everyone to do an internship and study abroad."

Eric Moy, Class of 2011

"The TRiO Scholars Program provided me with all of the things I was lacking when I first entered the University of California, Davis. I was missing a community of first generation students who could relate to my own experiences, lacking in leadership opportunities and motivation to succeed academically. The most beneficial gift I received from TRiO is the continuous support and encouragement to strive to achieve great things. Through resources from TRiO, I was able to learn about opportunities for graduate school. I am currently a Ph.D. student in Higher Education and Student Affairs where I am also serving in the role as an Educational Support Services Assistant with TRiO Student Support Services at The University of Iowa."

Evania Robles, Class of 2015

"TRiO has been part of my life for many years now, it has become my second family. Starting in middle school in the year 2007, the TRiO family welcomed me though the pre-college program Upward Bound of UC Davis. This program guided me in my path to attend college all throughout high school. The weekly meetings with tutors and the amazing and educational summers at the UC Davis campus geared me all together to my acceptance to the university itself in 2011. As a freshman in this university I was one step ahead than the rest but TRiO didn't stop guiding me there. I then became part of the TRiO Scholars Program which better prepared me to take on this new experience called college. Giving me connections, success tips and tools, and many resources, I took on my first year at UC Davis like a breeze.  Soon after I became blessed with the opportunity to give back to the amazing TRiO family by becoming part of the staff. As a third-year now in the university I am going on to my second year as a proud peer counselor of the TRiO Scholars Program. I still have ways to go before my college career comes to an end and I am positive that the TRiO family's help, support, and love will help till the end and beyond."