Orientation and Welcome Activities

Special Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP)

STEP begins with a four-week, residential orientation program for incoming EOP freshmen and extends for the first two years of enrollment. The program offers:

  • Academic classes and skill development workshops to help students transition from high school to the university,
  • A residential experience to help students socially adjust to the UC Davis campus,
  • Opportunities for students to meet with faculty, staff and student advisers, and register for classes,
  • An introduction to campus resources and services and
  • Academic year services including priority registration, academic courses and advising and counseling.

EOP students are strongly encouraged to apply to STEP, if invited, on MyAdmissions.


Students who are unable to attend STEP should attend Orientation. EOP staff meets with incoming EOP students to provide information about program services and resources.

For those students who cannot attend Orientation, EOP advisers are available to meet with students in August and September.

Fall Welcome

At the beginning of the school year, EOP holds a Fall Welcome event inviting all EOP students to come together and get reacquainted with the campus and EOP services.

Students admitted to UC Davis for the winter or spring quarter may contact the EOP office directly.

Information and Skill Development Workshops

The peer advising counselors (PACs) plan and facilitate workshops throughout the school year on a variety of topics relevant to UC Davis students. Some examples of workshop topics include goal setting, financial literacy, pre-professional school planning, civic engagement and apartment hunting.

These workshops change every quarter based on EOP students' needs.

Academic Support

EOP works closely with the Student Academic Success Center (SASC) to make sure EOP students succeed academically at UC Davis.

Transitional seminar classes are offered to help EOP students acclimate to the campus, develop critical academic skills and establish a support network.

The SASC provides workshops to UC Davis students in the areas of study skills, mathematics and statistics, chemistry, biology, writing and English as a second language

The SASC offers workload courses to EOP students in mathematics, physics, and, for students in two special programs (BUSP and MURPPS), chemistry. Workload courses provide units toward meeting minimum progress and student status (full-time or part-time), but they are not calculated into a student's GPA or factored into units towards graduation.

Additionally, tutoring is available in the SASC for EOP students throughout the academic year.

Personal and Social Support

Peer advising counselors (PAC) provide personal and social support to help students adjust to the university setting and maximize their UC Davis experience. Students are welcomed to come to the office if they have questions or if they want an inviting space on campus to study or socialize. The PACs also help students make successful connections with other campus resources (e.g. organizations, clubs, etc.).

EOP Newsletter

The EOP Newsletter is sent biweekly via email from the peer advising counselors (PACs). The newsletter informs EOP students about current events and programs, and keeps EOP students connected to the program and campus.