Apostrophes - Answer Key

Intermediate Practice

  1. Rock climbing is important in Travis’ or Travis’s social activities and relationships.
    (Either option is correct)
  2. Discrimination is present in today’s society, and there’s still a stereotype that prevents society as a whole from progressing.
  3. Anarchism is a political philosophy which means that people believe that a stateless society will make people’s lives better.
  4. The most important thing to enjoy your life is to be thankful for everything.
  5. My brother is a Mexican American in his late 30s, is covered with tattoos, and wears a muscle shirt.
  6. I recommend fixing the uneven locks inside every stall of the women’s bathroom in Giedt Hall.
  7. The beach cruisers’ style looks stupid because it’s wide and clunky.
  8. After reading this article, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot relate to the author’s or authors’ main point, even though global warming is something that affects everyone worldwide.
    (Either option could be correct, depending on whether there are one or many authors)
  9. To a country, the aerospace industry is very significant to its development.
  10. In Bradley’s and Engelstein’s articles, the authors each look at the same empirical data and information about Russia during the 1800s.
    (The word each shows that only one interpretation is correct – that the authors wrote separate articles.)

Advanced Practice

    1. Grammatical. They're is a contracted form of they are, so the sentence has a verb.
    2. Ungrammatical. Their is possessive and the sentence lacks a verb.
    3. Grammatical. Their is possessive and the sentence has the verb are.
    4. Grammatical. They’re is a contracted form of they are, so the sentence has a verb.
    1. Grammatical. One friend has one nice apartment.
    2. Grammatical. Many friends share one nice apartment.
    3. Grammatical. Many friends have one nice apartment.
    4. Ungrammatical. Friend’s is a contracted form of friend is.
    1. Grammatical. John Brooks is a singular proper noun and as a possessive is either John Brooks’ or John Brooks’s.
    2. Grammatical. No possessive is used because Brooks is functioning as an adjective describing family.
    3. Ungrammatical. Brookses’ is the possessive form; what’s needed is the plural form Brookses.
    4. Grammatical. Brookses’ is the plural possessive and the entire Brooks family owns the letter.
    1. Grammatical. They have children together.
    2. Grammatical. They both have children but not with each other.
    3. Grammatical. They both have children but not with each other. Lewis’ is an alternate form of Lewis’s.
    4. Ungrammatical. Children is not possessive.