Articles (the, a, an) - Practice

Intermediate Practice

The nouns are bolded in each sentence below. Fill in the correct article before the noun (or noun phrase). “Ø” is an option if no article is needed.

Example: I love ____ sports very much, but I had ____ injury.

Answer: I love Ø sports very much, but I had an injury.

  1. I always thought that ­­____ America would have ____ lot of ____ Caucasians.
  2. ____ stress has ____ great impact on ____ students’ academic performance.
  3. ____ successful climber is ____ wise judge of ____ physical ability and ____ good decision maker.
  4. In addition, ____ media do not anticipate ____ dangers and ____ risks.
  5. In almost every Chinese school, rather than teaching students how to actually speak in English, educators teach students how to deal with English exams. Actually, ____ issue has become ____ major problem among ____ Chinese students in ____ American colleges.
  6. ____ author describes how ____ Google will have ____ hard time to get into ____ automotive industry.
  7. How does____ electric motor work in ____ hybrid car?

Advanced Practice

Each of the following sentences has at least two nouns. First, underline each noun. Next, decide if the relationship between the noun and its article is correct (for each sentence, at least one relationship will be correct and at least one will be incorrect). Finally, re-write all sentences to demonstrate correct article/noun usage.

Example: I ate plate of eggs along with some toasts.

AnswerI ate plate of egg along with some toasts.→ I ate a plate of eggs along with some toast.

  1. This was my first time to read the long chapter about the space lives.
  2. In the article, author gave an example about Facebook.
  3. With their amazing charisma, the United Kingdom and France are the representative countries of the Europe.
  4. Language is the one of the most important factor that I will consider.
  5. The first reason why the mobile phones are the most beneficial invention in the last 100 years is that mobile phones can strengthen people’s relationship.
  6. For example, the author mentioned that by 2080 only six cities will be able to hold Winter Olympics because of the global warming.
  7. I was amazed by what majority of men expected women to be in the 1700s.