Passive vs. Active Voice (Style) - Practice

Passive vs. Active Voice (Style)

Intermediate Practice

Revise the following sentences to eliminate passive voice without altering meaning.

Example: Citizenship was created by voluntary associations which have been noted for leading people to express themselves and form associations outside the government.

Revision: Voluntary associations created citizenship, which led people to express themselves and form associations outside of the government.

  1. Japan is known to have some of the most damaging earthquakes all around the world.
  2. There have been over 3 major earthquakes.
  3. The honey bee is being annihilated by pesticides.
  4. Food is connected to religion in these two countries by the meaning of the food used in Catholicism.
  5. Throughout time, there have been changes in communities that shift people away from their culture.

Advanced Practice

In the following sentences, passive constructions cause confusion. Revise each sentence to clarify the idea without losing meaning. Are there any sentences that must remain passive? If so, which and why?

Example: One major smart phone, the iPhone, which is produced by Apple Inc., has a big share on the industry.

Revision: One major smart phone, Apple Inc.’s iPhone, holds a major share of the industry.

  1. The second conducted experiment depended on what the teenagers were exposed to at a young age, whether it was sexual behavior, sexual plans, or the risks of sexual activity was their outcome of how they perceived sexual activity in their life.
  2. This is one thing that is argued that kept Russia going for as long as it did before World War I.
  3. My so-called accent is only one example out of many where my conscience is troubled by the comments I hear because of my race and ethnicity.
  4. In addition, new transportation has been developed.
  5. With a better understanding and knowledge, a chain that linked the two wheels on a bicycle was created.
  6. The reasons are well concluded by Humboldt State University, which is one of those universities that offers online education.