Revising To Be Verbs - Answer Key

Revising To Be Verbs

Intermediate Practice

What follows are possible revisions to alleviate to be verb construction in order to clarify ideas or make the sentence more precise.

  1. This technology solves the current conundrum America faces.
  2. People can access the right expertise at the right time.
  3. However, sometimes things go wrong with vaccines, causing some complications, but that rarely happens.
  4. Many debate whether voluntary associations during the time of the Great Reforms succeeded in shaping a middle-class identity.

Advanced Practice

What follows are possible revisions that alleviate to be verb constructions while clarifying meaning.

  1. A hybrid vehicle’s powertrain combines two or more sources of power that directly or indirectly propel the vehicle.
  2. Cultural values must continue in Inupiat communities because these values encourage the community to reflect upon them and see their importance.
  3. Although different cultures have deviated from the Italian version which uses unleavened dough, pizza remains important in various food cultures. 
  4. Chinese Mandarin is my first language, and I am fluent in English since I learned it over ten years. (The to be verbs in this sentence are linking verbs and necessary to maintain meaning.)