Single-Word Verbs vs. Phrasal Verbs - Practice

Single-Word Verbs vs. Phrasal Verbs

Intermediate Practice

Without significantly changing meaning, rewrite the following sentences containing phrasal verbs to contain only strong, single-word verbs.

Example: People can save time by transferring money via phone instead of physically showing up in banks and waiting in line.

Answer: People can save time by transferring money via phone instead of physically going to banks and waiting in line.

  1. The author talks about how it is harder for her to go back to college each time she goes back home.
  2. I think that the new one is better because I took out an unnecessary and confusing sentence.
  3. I wrote down the vocabulary on another sheet of paper from my memory.
  4. I do not think that telemedicine has the same value as going to the doctor.
  5. I want to talk about airplanes’ history, airplanes’ companies, personal business, global trade, and the benefit for international students and traveling.
  6. After working on glider experiments they found out how to steer a plane while in flight.
  7. Then the post office will handle the rest and send the item out to your house.

Advanced Practice

The following paragraph mainly contains phrasal verbs. First, make a list of the phrasal verbs and write a list of possible single-word synonyms next to them. Second, rewrite any sentence that changes structure when you revise to include a single-word verb.

I caught on that in today’s society, many people are more self-centered. They put themselves first. When they look at anything unjust, they will not stand up and go against wrongdoings. The bystander effect goes far beyond my experience, however. According to James Nye, a reporter of, many people looked at Brown’s murder by a white police officer, but they didn’t do anything to help Brown because they waited for someone else to take action. This pluralistic ignorance contributed to Brown's death. The witnesses clearly were conscious of the situation and they knew that that was unjust. However, no one stood up for him because the person who stands entirely for justice, the police officer, was bringing about the unjust behavior. Obviously, we should take action when it is needed. We must not wait or watch for others to do anything for us because it will be too late.