Subject Verb Agreement - Answer Key

Subject Verb Agreement

Intermediate Practice

  1. The author also predicts where people might hold future Winter Olympics.
  2. Also, the content and things he talks about are quite attractive and interesting.
  3. I am very interested in one of the author’s ideas: “challenges of gene therapy” because this is a very new idea today.
  4. In my home country, a lot of adults always tell children that they should have a good attitude for everything because it is good for their lives.
  5. Of course you have to study to pass the exam.
  6. We are not able to make any progress on our work.
  7. In the article “How a self-driving car sees the world”, Adam Fisher mentions that Google is developing the new technology: the self-driving system that is called a chauffeur.
  8. I disagree with the attitude of the author towards the new technology, the self-driving system.
  9. The best way to learn philosophy is to reflect on oneself everyday.
  10. Pointing is one piece of evidence that indicates the ability of possessiveness and cognition.
  11. To be a doctor requires a lot of knowledge, and that is why doctors charge so much.
  12. The research is conducted to improve the lives of adolescents.

Advanced Practice

What follows are options for answers. In reality, many verbs may logically fit into the sentences.

The second reason why mobile phones are the most beneficial invention in the last 100 years is that they can make life easier and more convenient. Mobile phones have many useful tools and features such as a camera, web search function, a clock, a calculator, a music player, and so on. For instance, many use their mobile phones to conduct their business. In Japan, a majority of people earn their salary by writing their blogs. Since one’s blog has a large influence on its viewers’ opinions and shopping habits, sponsors want to put their advertisements on blogs. Some bloggers try to get many advertisements from sponsors in order to earn advertising expenses. In this kind of business, working from mobile phones plays a very important role as most bloggers use them to take pictures and write sentences and post those on their blogs. Mobile phones provide people with a new opportunity to earn money.