Subject Verb Agreement - Practice

Subject Verb Agreement

Intermediate Practice

Circle the correct form of the verb in parentheses to make the subject and verb agree in number:

Example: I think the article (am/is/are) pretty well-written.

Answer: Circle “is”

  1. The author also (predict/predicts) where people might hold future Winter Olympics.
  2. Also, the content and things he (talk/talks) about (am/is/are) quite attractive and interesting.
  3. I (am/is/are) very interested in one of the author’s ideas: “challenges of gene therapy” because this (am/is/are) a very new idea today.
  4. In my home country, a lot of adults always (tell/tells) children that they should have a good attitude for everything because it (am/is/are) good for their lives.
  5. Of course you (has/have) to study to pass the exam.
  6. We (am/is/are) not able to make any progress on our work.
  7. In the article “How a self-driving car sees the world,” Adam Fisher (mention/mentions) that Google (am/is/are) developing new technology: the self-driving system that (am/is/are) called a chauffeur.
  8. I (disagree/disagrees) with the attitude of the author towards this new technology, the self-driving system.
  9. The best way to learn philosophy (am/is/are) to reflect on oneself everyday.
  10. Pointing (am/is/are) one piece of evidence that (indicate/indicates) the ability of possessiveness and cognition.
  11. To be a doctor (require/requires) a lot of knowledge, and that (am/is/are) why doctors (charge/charges) so much.
  12. The research (am/is/are) conducted to improve the lives of adolescents.

Advanced Practice

Fill in the blanks with a verb that logically fits into the sentences in the following paragraph. Make sure the verbs agree in tense, form, and number.

Example: Beach Cruisers ___ similar to any other bike on campus.

Answer: Beach Cruisers are similar to any other bike on campus.

The second reason why mobile phones _______ the most beneficial invention in the last 100 years _______ that they can _______ life easier and more convenient. Mobile phones _______ many useful tools and features such as a camera, web search function, a clock, a calculator, and a music player. For instance, many _______ their mobile phones to conduct their business. In Japan, a majority of people _______ their salary by writing their blogs. Since one’s blog _______ a large influence on its viewers’ opinions and shopping habits, sponsors _______ to put their advertisements on blogs. Some bloggers _______ to get many advertisements from sponsors in order to earn advertising expenses. In this kind of business, working from mobile phones _______ a very important role as most bloggers _______ them to take pictures and write sentences and post those on their blogs. Mobile phones _______ people with a new opportunity to earn money.