Verb Tense and Form - Answer Key

Verb Tense and Form

What follows are options for answers to the practices. In reality, writers can choose from many correct options.

Intermediate Practice

  1. Present Continuous. I am majoring in Linguistics at UC Davis.
  2. Present Perfect Continuous. UC Davis students have been dealing with tuition increases for the last 10 years.
  3. Future Continuous. After I graduate, I will be looking for a job.
  4. Past Continuous. Before I applied, I was thinking of attending UC Davis because of its great reputation.
  5. Past Perfect Continuous. Before I came to UC Davis, I had been going to school for 12 years.
  6. Future Perfect. By this time next year, I will have passed all my classes.
  7. Simple Past. My Chicano/a Studies professor affected me the most.
  8. Future Perfect Continuous. By this time next year, I will have been attending UC Davis for two years.
  9. Present Perfect: I have developed my ability to write technical reports.
  10. Simple Present. My UC Davis professors are kind and helpful.
  11. Simple Future. The next quarter will begin in June.

Advanced Practice

I have been “learning” English since elementary school. The reason I added quotation marks is that in almost every Chinese school, rather than teaching students how to actually use English as a tool to communicate, educators teach students how to deal with English exams, which consist mostly of vocabulary and grammar. As a result, I was proficient in reading and writing but lacked the ability to speak English in front of people after I started my college life in America. Actually, this issue has become a major problem among Chinese students in American colleges. I once read an article written by a professor at a university in America. In the article, the author said that there are more and more Chinese students who come to America nowadays and they often get nice grades in class. However, unlike native speakers, these Chinese students barely speak or ask questions during lectures and make the class boring.