Chemistry Assistance

Who can help me?

chem drop-in

SPECIALISTS - Academic Assistance and Tutoring (AAT) staff members who have advanced degrees in their fields and a background in teaching. Our current chem specialists are: Brandon, Edna, and Mariya. BUSP students can also get chemistry support from Tanner.
TUTORS - A team of highly trained undergraduate students who have been successful in the courses you are taking.

Drop-In Tutoring

No need to sign up, just come in and find a seat. Look for the tutors circulating in the room to answer questions. 

Spring 2018 Workshops

No need to sign up. Workshops are structured to review the content of the course at about the same pace as your class and provide you the opportunity to practice solving problems similar to what you will see on homework and exams.

Tutor Led Content Reviews

No need to sign up. Tutors will go over the specific topics listed below.

CHE2C Content Reviews

CHE118C Content Reviews

Handouts, Videos, Practice Problems and more

Specialist Materials

Tutor Created Materials (Google Drive)


CHE118A | CHE118B | CHE118C

Summer Sessions 2018

During both Summer Sessions chemistry workshops will be offered. For SS1 chemistry workshops will be offered for: CHE2C, CHE8A, CHE8B, CHE118A, CHE118C. Support will also be available during limited hours in the drop-in tutoring room. Times and locations for workshops will be posted in early May.

Online Tutoring

Academic Assistance and Tutoring is currently involved in a pilot program to provide online tutoring using our very own SASC tutors. Check out the available subjects and learn out how to sign up for this new service on our online tutoring page.

Study Skills

Advising and Retention Services (ARS) at the SASC offers workshops and advising appointments every quarter to help students develop their time management skills, strategies for success, and academic skills such as note taking and test taking. Services are open to all UC Davis students.