2017-18 Online Tutoring Pilot

2017-18 Online Tutoring Pilot

Online Tutoring Offer In:

BIS 101, 102, 103, 105
CMN 3, 101, 120, 140
NUT 10
STA 10, 13, 100

The Student Academic Success Center is excited to announce that we are participating in an online tutoring pilot! This means you have the ability to take advantage of online tutoring for some of the courses you're enrolled in. The tutors are SASC tutors providing individual support in an online environment.

Booking an Appointment

tutor matching service

Go to TutorMatchingService.com/UCDAVIS

  1. Browse the tutors for your course/subject and click "VIEW TUTOR"
  2. If you want to book with this tutor, click "BOOK Tutor Name"
  3. When prompted, select "LOGIN WITH GOOGLE" and use your @ucdavis.edu Google Account

Once you have booked your appointment you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the online platform to enter at the time of your appointment.

Getting Ready for Your Appointment

go board

You will sign up for your appointments using tutor matching service, but your actual online appointment will be through UCDavis.GoBoard.com

Prior to your scheduled session:

  • Follow the link from the confirmation email to enter the GoBoard room for your session. See Tips below if you want to practice with GoBoard before your actual session.

  • If prompted, allow GoBoard to access your webcam and microphone

Tips and Troubleshooting

Use Google Chrome

Make sure that you are using a Google Chrome browser to access your GoBoard room; this is the best browser for this program. GoBoard is not compatible with Internet Explorer or Safari.
Need to download Chrome? Go here: google.com/chrome/browser/desktop

GoBoard does not work as well in Mozilla Firefox, but if you have to use it, try disabling Add-ons to make it work more smoothly:

  • Click on HELP in the Menu Bar

  • Click RESTART with Add-ons Disabled

Learn to use the features before your session

Prior to your scheduled session, you are welcome to play around with the features in your GoBoard.

  • Follow the link in your confirmation email to enter the GoBoard for you session.

  • To practice with the controls in an empty session (no tutor) you can select "Create new GoBoard"

  • If prompted, allow GoBoard to access your webcam and microphone. (You may need to turn off any pop-up blockers you have on your browser.)

  • Maximize your screen to see as much of the board as possible.