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The University of California, Davis

UC Davis is located in Northern California, 14 miles east of the state capital, Sacramento. A large, diverse campus with 35,415 students (Fall 2014) enrolled in 104 majors, UC Davis graduates over 6,500 students per year. Our student body is high achieving, with 38% of students participating in undergraduate research. Learn more about the university by exploring our About Us page.

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Paying by check or recharge?

Make sure to submit a payment form in addition to registering online. The only online payment option is by credit card. 

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Registration Fees

Registration Type Fees


$350 ($400 after Sep. 29)


$500 ($600 after Sep. 29)

UC Davis affiliate


Additional representatives

$50 per person

  • Registration is online only, and you can pay with a credit card when registering. Attendees paying by check or recharge submit a payment form.
  • Priority registration ends September 29, and the registration fee is nonrefundable after this date. 
  • All fees must be resolved by the day of the event. If payment is not received prior to the event, bring your institution's registration fee payment with you, or anticipate paying the fee with your own personal check and be reimbursed by your own institution.

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Registration includes:

  • A link to your program that names your institution on our website
  • Recruiter reception the day before the fair
  • Recruiting space under a tent with one table and two chairs
  • Parking permit
  • Lunch and refreshments
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