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Book an Appointment With a Writing Specialist or Tutor

  • Book an appointment online with a writing specialist.
    • 10 appointments per quarter
    • One specialist appointment per day. 
    • Appointments are for coursework only. 
    • Book your appointment up to 72 hours in advance.
    • Please read "What are the policies for working with a writing specialist?"
  • Book an appointment online with a writing tutor.
    • As of October 2017, you will book your 30 minute session with a writing tutor online.
    • You do not check the clipboard in Dutton Hall to get a space.
    • Appointments can be made up to 10 hours in advance
  • We want to track if students are not able to get an appointment. If you have trouble booking an appointment, please report it with this form.


  • Resources and worksheets
    • Interested in having digital copies of our worksheets and resources? Please take a look at our new shared Google Drive folder
  • Class visits for faculty members
    • If you would like a writing specialist to visit your class, please visit our interest form.
  • Looking for tutoring during finals week?
  • Upper-division writing exam
    • At this time, tutors and specialists cannot help students with studying for the upper-division writing exam
  • UWP 21, 22, 23
    • Writing specialists and tutors will not be advising on portfolio cover letters for UWP 21, 22, or 23.
  • Breaks between quarters
    • Please be advised that appointments with writing specialists or tutors will not be available during breaks when the University is not in session (e.g., spring break and winter breaks).
    • Writing specialists are also not available to meet with students  during the second summer session.
  • Did you miss the WLD 57 exam review session?
  • Check out all of the services that AAT offers for students as well as our commercial.

There are four main writing services for undergraduate students:

  • Individual appointments to see a Writing Specialist for feedback on a course essay or a scholarship essay
    • Please note that all of the writing specialist calendars have merged, which means signing up with a writing specialist will be similar to signing up with a writing tutor. Please see this video to learn more.
  • By-appointment writing assistance with undergraduate writing tutors
  • Co-courses partnered with classes like WLD 57
  • The new SASC Writing Studio 
    • The studio is located in the University House Annex, and it is a place to work on your writing with  tutors, specialists, and other resources
    • The studio is open from 12pm-7pm Mondays through Thursdays
Type of Text Specialist Appointments Tutor Appointments Writing Studio Pre-Graduate Writing Specialist
Coursework X Note: This includes personal statements for a class like UWP 104 X Note: This includes personal statements for a class like UWP 104 X X Note: This should be upper-division work
Appeals Letters X X X X
Scholarship Essays X X X X
Transfer Essays X
Study abroad essays and department/honors applications X X
Personal Statements for Graduate or Professional School X X
Resumes X X Note: This should be for a class or grad school application
Cover Letters X X Note: This should be for a class or grad school application


  • We can only serve degree-seeking undergraduates
  • Appointments with writing specialists are booked through Oasis
  • Specialists can only work with students on assignments or scholarship essays  (no graduate school personal statements). Specialists and tutors cannot help you prepare for the upper-division writing exam
    • Pre-graduate services are available for students working on personal statements, and there is a pre-graduate writing specialist who you can meet with by appointment.
  • Undergraduate tutors can work with students on all personal statements (except UWP 21, 22, and 23 portfolio reflections) in the Writing Studio only.
  • You must bring a printed copy of your essay

Writing Specialist YouTube Channel

Google Drive

Interested in having digital copies of our worksheets and resources? Please take a look at our new shared Google Drive folder

Class Descriptions

Workload 57 co-class/co-workshop:  You have the option of two different class styles that offer WLD 57 support.  Both are 1 unit of WLD credit, limited to a smaller group of students, and will supplement what you are learning in WLD 57.  We will practice the writing process, reading and responding to a text, and giving effective feedback.  The co-class is structured as a more traditional class with different weekly writing topics.  The co-workshop will practice the same fundamental skills of reading/responding to a text and peer review each week.

Grammar Class: In Grammar Support for Academic Writing, you will receive individualized, contextualized grammar instruction by working with your classmates and completing writing activities tailored to your interests and needs. You will receive plenty of feedback from your instructor focused on your specific weaknesses.

Writing Studio

What is the writing studio?

  • Starting on October 9, 2017, we will be launching a new SASC Writing Studio
  • It is a collaborative writing space to support and promote student efforts toward becoming better writers
  • A tutor and writing specialist are in the room to facilitate connections between students or to make recommendations on resources
  • Campus partners (e.g., strategic initiative centers) can offer special programming around writing in the space

Why should students use this new services?

  • Tutors and specialists will often assign tasks and resources based on student questions to encourage active learning; students will be able to find answers to questions on their own
  • Space to work on a draft with other writers to hear about different perspectives
  • Rather than waiting in line to see a tutor, students can keep working on an essay before or after seeing a tutor or specialist and have the opportunity to ask direct questions
  • Students can use this space to write as often as they like; students are not limited to a 30 minute appointment

Where is the writing studio located?

  • The studio is located in the University House Annex with an entrance on the side nearest to Voorhies Hall
  • Tutors and specialists will staff the studio Monday through Thursday from 12-7pm

Summer Session Two 2018 Writing Studio Schedule

Monday Thursday
9am-10am Writing Tutors Writing Tutors
10am-11am Writing Tutors Writing Tutors
11am-12pm Writing Tutors Writing Tutors

Frequently Asked Questions about Writing Help with an SASC Writing Specialist or Writing Tutor

What services do you have for faculty and staff?

The Writing Group in Academic Assistance and Tutoring is happy to partner with faculty and staff through the following services:

  • In-class writing workshops (see our list of topics below)
  • Workshops in partnership with a campus center or organization

If you would like more information, please contact Lead Writing Specialist Kevin Sitz: kwsitz@ucdavis.edu

If you would like a specialist to visit your class, please visit our interest form.

How do I make an individual appointment with a writing specialist?

Writing and English Language Learner Specialists are available to meet one-on-one with students to help with writing in all disciplines. 

In order to provide more access to students, we have decided to transition to a new Online Appointment System. Effective September 21, 2015, all appointments will be made through this appointment system


Master Calendar for All Specialists

 (This link will take you to the Online Writing Appointment site)

If you have further questions, please contact the Front Desk via email at:


We will do our best to respond to your email within 2 business days.

NOTE:Please have a paper copy ready. Laptop, USB Drive or other electronic copies are difficult to work with and will only allow us to have a general discussion about your essay. If you want us to look at your essay and receive more specific feedback (e.g., grammar), you should print your essay at one of our campus’ computer labs.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: The SASC will no longer be offering personal statement appointments for graduate or professional school; we will see students for scholarship essays. Please call 530-754-8409 if you have questions or concerns.

What are the policies for working with a writing specialist?
Please bring a paper copy of your essay to your appointment

Appointments are limited to 10 per quarter

Students may only have one specialist appointment once per day

You may book your appointment as early as 72 hours in advance

Appointments are restricted to course work only

You must cancel your appointment at least 2 hours before the appointment time to avoid being restricted from the system for 7 days

NO SHOWS or LATE CANCELLATIONS will be restricted from signing up for a period of 7 days after the missed appointment

You must indicate the course name and number under "Reason Required" (e.g., WLD57, ENL3, UWP104, etc.)

Appointments will start on time; check with the Writing Specialist upon arrival to your appointment no more than five minutes early

Please check your email prior to your appointment in case your specialist needs to cancel or reschedule. If there is a cancellation, please feel free to sign up with another specialist; we apologize for any inconvenience

Specialists reserve the right to cancel appointments if they are out sick

The system is not compatible with Internet Explorer; please use Chrome or Firefox

If you have further questions, please contact the Front Desk via email at:

We will do our best to respond to your email within 2 business days.

How does writing assistance with an undergraduate tutor work?

Writing tutors work with UC Davis students in two ways:

1) By-appointment tutoring

  • You may sign up to see a tutor for a 30 minute appointment
  • Check in at 2205 Dutton Hall before your appointment
  • Sign up online through the advising appointment system

2) The Writing Studio

  • Open Mondays through Thursdays from 12pm-7pm
  • All students are welcome to bring any type of writing they are working on
  • Students may stay as long as they like to use the computers, dictionaries, etc.
  • At least two tutors will be present at all times to answer questions
What is your workshop and class schedule?

You can find a list of our workshop (updated quarterly) near the bottom of the Academic Assistance and Tutoring workshop page.

Where do I find the Aggie Grammar Guide?
You can study solutions to frequent grammar errors on our Aggie Grammar Guide page. These exercises were developed by our writing specialists.
What kinds of classes or workshops do you offer?


The Writing Support Center is currently offering a 1 unit Pass/No-Pass class to support student writers taking Workload 57 (the Entry Level Writing Requirement course). In this class, we will learn strategies to help you do well on writing you’ll do in WLD 57, including reflecting on your writing process, practicing grammar, and preparing for the WLD 57 final exam. You will also get an opportunity to get feedback from your peers and the instructor on your WLD 57 assignments. By the end of this course, you will have effective tools to construct convincing arguments and recognize the value of writing.


All registered students are welcome to attend the various writing and ESL workshops we hold during the quarter.  Topics include Prewriting, Strategies for In-Class Writing, Avoiding Plagiarism, Grammar and others.  Most writing workshops meet once or twice per quarter, but some workshops meet weekly. Workshops are interactive, allowing students to have their specific questions addressed.

Interested instructors and student groups can request a workshop for their class, and our menu of writing workshop topics appears below. Please contact Kevin Sitz for more information at 754-8420.

Giving credit where credit is due: This workshop focuses on when and how to cite sources in academic writing. The facilitators cover MLA and APA citation styles and introduces students to library resources.

Finding your voice: This workshop introduces students to argumentation in practice. This interactive workshop focuses on how to formulate and argue a certain position. It helps student develop this crucial skill for position papers and thesis building.

Development and organization - Beyond the 5 paragraph essay: Learn how to move beyond the formula: intro/thesis, three body paragraphs and a conclusion in order to build connections and organize your writing to support more complex ideas and relationships.

Counter arguments, concessions and refutations: Learn how to acknowledge other perspectives on an issue and even concede to valid points while still maintaining your argument, all of which will help you take a fair and balanced approach in your writing.

Peer Revision: Work on your essays in small groups in order  to get feedback for revision. A writing specialist will be on hand to answer specific questions and help with feedback.

WLD 57 Exam Review: Attend this workshop to learn strategies for writing essays for WLD 57. In particular, we will focus on how to organize and structure your essays and how to handle both out-of-class and in-class essay writing.

Peer Review Group: Come join one, two or all three peer review sessions. We’ll quickly examine how to give effective peer feedback before diving into reading and commenting on peers’ writing. This workshop will provide specific feedback on your writing in order to help guide your revision, so you can better convey your message to the intended audience. Bring three copies of your essay to each workshop.

Classes and Workshops

You may find links to some of our workshop materials here:

WLD 57 Exam Review Packet